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Prospects of the Moldovan-Russian Economic Forum

For the second consecutive year, Chisinau hosts the Moldovan-Russian Economic Forum (MREF), attended by about 1,500 delegates – leading economists, businessmen, politicians and experts from 13 countries.


Within the second day of this significant international event of the year, dedicated to discussing and addressing of different issues, a constructive discussion took place between Mr. Ion Vinaga, President of Group of Companies "VEROBLAG"  and "I AM FUTURE" Foundation, and Ms. Irina Vlah, Governor of the Autonomous Territorial Unit of Gagauzia.


During the meeting, issues of establishing long-term partnerships in the field of preventive medicine, waste management, environmental innovation, etc. were discussed. “We consider the Moldovan-Russian Economic Forum as a promising platform for establishing cooperation in those areas that are currently the most pressing, in my opinion. We must remember that the planet’s resources are not infinite and, in order to preserve it, we must take seriously the problems of the environment that relate directly to the processing and disposal of waste. But here we must act together and, therefore, signing of a cooperation agreement with the ATU Gagauzia, which we agreed with Ms. Irina Vlah, would initiate the promotion of innovative ideas and projects in these fields,” said Ion Vinaga.


As Vice President of the Public Association “Global Aviation Forum” (GAF), Mr. Vinaga proposed the creation of a working group for the elaboration of a pilot project in the field of civil aviation.


It was decided to return to the discussion of these issues within the International Investment Forum "Invest Gagauzia 360", which will be held on November 08-09, 2019 in Comrat and will become a dialogue platform for discussing the possibilities of implementing investment projects, for exchanging opinions, positive experience and recommendations on identifying priority areas for attracting investments.