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Cooperation and investments between Moldova and Indonesia

The President of the "I AM FUTURE" Foundation, Ion Vinaga, held on October 29, 2019, in London, a meeting with the management of "Indonesia Investment Promotion Center London", led by the Director Mr. Aditia Prasta.


Within this meeting, the main objectives of a possible collaboration between the Republic of Moldova and the Republic of Indonesia were identified. The possibility of entering Moldovan products into Indonesia's wine, pharmaceutical, and food markets was discussed. A great attention was paid to the promotion of Moldovan producers, such as companies “Purcari”, “Balkan Pharmaceuticals”, “Axedum”, and others.


Another priority would be the realization of different projects in the field of Healthcare and IT services.


In this sense, creating a platform for attracting investments in the Republic of Moldova would be a very timely and beneficial one for our country in several areas. “Indonesia has many strengths that make it very attractive - abundant natural resources, a young and prepared workforce, a large and growing domestic market and an improved investment climate. It has a great economic potential, which is why we see in this country a strong strategic partner, with whom we will be able to establish long-term cooperation relations and attract investments in the Moldovan economy”, said Mr. Ion Vinaga.


The Co-founder of the projects CO.JU and KIDZ # 1 Mr. Mihail Litvin also participated in the meeting. Together with the specialists of the "I AM FUTURE" Foundation of the Republic of Moldova, through the direct support of Mr. Ion Vinaga, with the participation of specialists from the Republic of Moldova operating in the United Kingdom, these projects aim to attract investments and create at the initial stage a chain of 5 KIDZ # 1 family centers and 20 coffee-juice shops in London, with the prospect of growth in the EU and US. Through these projects Moldovan fruits and vegetables and Indonesian products will be promoted.