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Generosity Gala: hopes and changes in children's lives

On November 17, 2019, the sixth edition of the Generosity Gala was held. The Palace of the Republic brought together noted personalities, well-known artists and people with great hearts, who participated in this event of the organization CCF Moldova (Child, Community, Family) and Hope and Homes for Children UK to support children in the programs of these organizations.


For the sixth year, Chisinau has welcomed Valentina Nafornita, the world-famous soprano from the Republic of Moldova, the patron of CCF Moldova, which, together with other talented artists, took part in an amazing concert, which undoubtedly generated hope for a world where all children have a happy childhood, with smiles, where they will receive love, care and family protection.


The I AM FUTURE Foundation, represented by President Ion Vinaga, were not indifferent to this event, supporting the idea of restarting society by changing attitudes towards perhaps the most important thing that underlies the formation of every child as a future member of society - a loving family, with a stable emotional, psychological and financial balance.

During a conversation with Mr. Mark Waddington, CEO of Hope and Homes for Children, it was decided to collaborate on various HHC projects nationally and internationally.

For many years, the loyal partner of the Generosity Gala is Felicia Foundation, in the person of Mrs. Lucia Berdos, Director of the Foundation and the Ambassador of CCF / HHC Moldova.


“Every child needs a family! For this statement to become reality, it takes a lot of work, time, a lot of love, attention, psychological, social and material support. This is something that not only people with a generous heart should participate in, but also government structures that will identify and address the root causes of family destruction, help them overcome crisis situations and choose to reunite children with parents or families who can take care of them. We have good examples we can be proud of. Through her creative charm and direct involvement in social projects and activities, Mrs. Berdos and the Felicia Foundation participate in the education of a healthy society, helping children to grow in a harmonious and loving environment. We also share these values ​​and come with financial support for the beautiful things that Valentina Nafornita does together with CCF / HHC to create an environment of hope, love and respect for children, in which they will develop their potential, and for a positive change in the life of the child, family and community. We hope that all families will find their way, and one day all the orphanages will disappear," said Ion Vinaga.