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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

It is a period of traditions and customs of Christmas and New Year, of carols and tables with all the family together. At the same time, it is also a good opportunity to bring the magic of the holidays into the lives of others.
I AM FUTURE Foundation is involved in supporting social events and projects not only on holidays, but around the year. Here are just some of the beautiful things we have done in 2019:


  • Support and assistance in publishing the book "Monuments of historical Moldovan-Russian relations on the territory of Moldova", authored by Mr. Victor Tvircun, Doctor of Historical and Pedagogical Sciences, professor, ambassador. The book promotes friendship and old connections between the people of Moldova and Russia.
  • Participation and financial support in organizing the opening ceremony of the International Conference "Achievements and perspectives of modern chemistry", organized on the occasion of the 60th anniversary since the foundation of the Chemistry Institute of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova.
  • The fourth edition of the International Scientific Congress “Sport. Olympism. Health”, organized by the State University of Physical Education and Sport, was conducted under the patronage of the Foundation I AM FUTURE, which sees its mission in creating a stable future based on knowledge, science and innovation. During this event, the Foundation organized the section "Health and longevity", to which Mr. Iacov Pleasunov, Deputy of the "Preventive Medicine" Directorate of Russia, author of the "Renewal" system of the Human Body "BioUpgrade", was invited and held a speech on the basics of preventive medicine.
  • Together with the National Sports Foundation of the Republic of Moldova, we have provided financial support for the procurement of gifts for the winners of the campaign for electronic waste collection, organized by the "Hai Moldova" movement.


May winter holidays find you around your loved ones, wishing you health, light and peace of mind, a good life, and 2020 to bring you achievements to meet expectations!


Best wishes,

I AM FUTURE Foundation Team