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I Am Future Foundation becomes member of the International Longevity Alliance

In order to consolidate its efforts to promote health and sustainable development through knowledge, research and innovation as well as to extend the international reach of its actions, I Am Future Foundation has become a member of the International Longevity Alliance (ILA).

Since 2012, ILA became unique in the global longevity space in that it supports and builds up public longevity advocacy around the world at both the massive grass roots level and high governmental and supra-governmental level. Thus, it has been uniquely successful in leveraging longevity advocacy both to create and network activist groups and NGOs in dozens of countries, and successfully develop and bring to adoption prolongevity policies in several countries and internationally.

The Foundation has joined efforts with ILA in order to promote national and regional initiatives, as well as enable international cooperation in the following areas:

1) Initiating and developing research projects and facilitating research projects by other teams and institutions in the areas of biology of ageing and the development of geroprotective drugs, therapies and diagnostic methods;

2) Facilitating professional networking within the research community, building connections with decision makers in business and the public sectors to join forces all over the world to develop and implement therapies to control biological ageing;

3) Initiating public dialogue to improve regulation of fundamental and translational research to prevent and treat the degenerative ageing processes, as well as developing proposals to amend regulation at the national and global levels;

4) Broadly disseminating the most up-to-date information on research into the biology of ageing and the development of promising geroprotective drugs, therapies, and diagnostic methods.

Groups affiliated or connected with ILA appear in over 50 countries. The Foundation will be represented in ILA by its Executive Director, Igor Constantine Serotila.

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