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We must and we can save the future!

Today, our planet and its inhabitants face many threats. Some of them are local, others are common to all countries.


On November 2, 2022, Mr. Ion Vinaga, Chairman of "I AM FUTURE" Foundation, and Mr. Iuliean Hornet, Inventor and President of "ecoHORNET" SRL, Romania, initiated a cooperation in the field of development and implementation of ecoHORNET technologies, which will allow us to create a way of life based on green energy sources, replacing the use of fossil fuels.


Led by Mr. Iuliean Hornet, ecoHORNET Company has developed and patented technologies and equipment for the production of thermal and electrical energy, in an efficient, economic and ecological way, using natural biomass and organic waste resulting from human activities.


"ecoHORNET technology contributes to solving environmental problems and solving the problem of energy deficit, it is developed with social responsibility, so that no activity that uses this technology affects the population or the environment. It is an accessible product that allows obtaining cheap and ecological energy", said Mr. Hornet.


Biomass together with energy from the sun, water, wind, geothermal, but also unused solid and liquid waste can replace fossil fuels in the energy sectors.


"With energy prices rising and the earth suffocating with accumulated emissions and waste, it is very important to find an alternative in time, which would not only be cheaper, but would also become a source of fresh air for all of us. We admire and appreciate the ecoHORNET technology that is developed to meet the demands and needs of today's society. We very much hope that this technology will be used on a large scale in Moldova as well, and that it will find its consumer", emphasized Mr. Ion Vinaga.


The Republic of Moldova is facing the worst energy crisis in its history. And it is up to all of us how we survive the coming winter, what everyone can do to emerge from the crisis with dignity, to solve the biggest problems we face at the moment, to get rid of dependence on fossil sources and to provide the planet and all of us a chance.