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Prospects of cooperation: Romania, Moldova and Kurdistan

Having a business visit to Erbil, I had the great pleasure of seeing my friend Edris N Barzani again and meeting his team. Alexandru Pleșca, my partner with great expertise in the field of innovative agriculture, oil and alternative energy, also joined the meeting.


The friendly atmosphere in which the meeting took place, as well as common ideas and visions in the field of developing relations between our countries and peoples inspired optimism and allowed us to hope for long-term cooperation in the commercial, economic, investment, cultural fields, sports, etc.


We discussed the potential of our countries to collaborate in the field of food and energy security, and to start cooperation with the Creator's Blessing as soon as possible!


Mr. Edris N Barzani accepted the invitation to visit the Republic of Moldova and Romania. We have much to learn from each other and to bring our peoples closer together.



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